Course Description for Solving Complex Problems Through Programming

Simulate a long line in a lunchroom. Model a busy road. Simulate a medical problem. Model a battle. Simulate a city growing. Model a country. Simulate weather patterns. Model a process. Model a situation. Model a farm. Model a school. Simulate a crowd. Model a bridge, or even a space ship! Model infectious disease, thermal systems, and chemical kinetics. Simulate cars, ships, planes, space ships, life, virus, roller coasters, football matches, you name it!

You will create physical, mathematical and process models. You will casually use the words like stochastic and deterministic to impress your friends and stun your enemies.

Model segregation and immigration. Create complex models to test theories of economics by creating a population of agents exchanging commodities at prices they determine from local information. Create simulations to determine the outcome of social policies under different conditions. These are used in domestic, international and military operations to discover the envelope of possibilities resulting from being different “what if” scenarios.

This is your chance to create a universe and simulate different systems within that universe. You can introduce change into your models to test what might happen if… You will learn the python programming language as you design solutions for really interesting problems.

Connected learning reflections